“In 2011, the global telemedicine market was valued at $11.6 billion and is expected to increase to $27.3 billion in 2016, with most impressive growth expected from Asia Pacific over the next few years.”

In response to rising healthcare costs, shortage of medical professionals and increased demand for healthcare services, waves of innovations and upgrading projects from Electronic Health Records, Telemedicine to Mobile Health have been rolled out across the sector as part of the continuous effort to improve healthcare delivery. In particular, mobile health/telemedicine has been identified as the key pillar to affording greater access to quality healthcare.

Researched with industry peers based in Asia, Connected Health Asia provides a comprehensive platform for healthcare institutions and solutions providers to examine pertinent issues in implementing eHealth and Mobile\Telemedicine. In its second year, it is bigger and better,  incorporating a dedicated track on Electronic Health Records (EHR), reviewing know-how to build a good EHR system and how it can facilitate the implementation of mHealth.

Highlights in 2013!

  • 25+ SESSIONS & CASE STUDIES with fresh perspectives & latest innovations from health institutions
  • INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER FACULTY from Singapore, Australia, USA, UK, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Denmark, India & Malaysia
  • CROSS FUNCTIONAL PERSPECTIVES from patients, medical, IT, senior management, operations & more!
  • LATEST updates on Telehealth, mHealth, & Connected Health Models
  • NEW FOCUS on eHealth & EHR and their roles in Connected Health

Featured Speakers for 2013

Dr. Richard Stark
Director of Primary Care Operations, Veterans Health Administration
Department of Veterans Affairs, USA

Dr. Adam Chee
Chairperson, HL7 Singapore & Chief Advocacy Officer
Binary Healthcare, Singapore

Dr. Jason Yap
Chief Knowledge Officer
Agency for Integrated Care, Singapore

Prof Alan Hsu
Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Dr. Hune Cho
KOSMI (Korean Society of Medical Informatics) Board, Korea


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