In response to rising healthcare costs, ageing populations and increased demand for preventative healthcare, waves of innovative technology and healthcare ICT infrastructure improvement projects from Electronic Health Records, Telemedicine to Mobile Health have been rolled out across the sector as part of the continuous effort to improve healthcare delivery. In particular, mobile health/telemedicine has been identified as the key pillar to affording greater access to quality healthcare.

Connected Health Asia 2016 focuses on operational efficiencies to deliver quality healthcare services.  It explores innovative ICT solutions and practical implementation across hospitals in Asia.  It will feature case studies from hospitals on the different projects they have implemented to improve healthcare services with insights on needs, challenges and opportunities for healthcare technology investment.

Key Conference Themes

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Remote Monitoring Healthcare Solutions
  • Telemedicine
  • Operating Theatre Management
  • Streamlining Outpatient Services
  • Patient Management Systems
  • Clinical Decision Support & Big Data Analytics in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Resource Planning
  • Patient Self- Monitoring/ Mhealth/Wearables

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IBC’s Asia Healthcare Summit is the leading gathering for Government, public and private healthcare providers, health insurance companies, medical equipment/service providers and health technology, to discuss investment in healthcare infrastructure and services to meet Asia’s ageing population, chronic disease burden and growing healthcare services demand. It is the must attend platform to learn, meet, network and establish business partnerships in Asia’s healthcare sector.


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